Athlete Training at IMEC is a far more advance training program. Thousands of IMEC athletes have grown in our program mentally and physically and signed scholarships to go on to play on the division 1 level in all sports. Over 20 athletes have made it to the NFL and other professional sports like track, basketball  and baseball. Remember proper training will make your athlete bigger faster and stronger. All trainers say what they can do but not really showing you that they have. Our training program is also a mentoring program we stay with our athletes from youth to graduation.   We think this is very important in there growth. Our Training is focused on working on our athletes strength, agility, conditioning, explosion and speed.  IMEC employs all of the latest endurance and training apparatuses to help in our athletes development. We don’t just talk at IMEC we produce. Athletes as young as 5 boys and girls participate in our program. If you  are looking for a program for your athlete look no further than IMEC